'Bleed For This' biopic pulls no punches about amazing story of Vinny Paz

DALLAS — It wasn’t an ordinary order, but then again, Vinny Paz isn’t an ordinary man.

“A merlot mixed with Diet Coke?” the waiter asked in surprise to confirm she heard right.

Why, yes.

When you’re Vinny Paz, you don’t follow the pack. You don’t concern yourself with batted eyes. And you don’t take no for an answer.

After all, he’s a man who defied doctor’s orders and bench-pressed with a metal brace screwed into his skull after suffering a broken neck in a car crash. He beat the odds to return to the ring 13 months later and regained a world title despite being told he may never walk again.

It’s a story worth telling, and Paz tells it like only he can.


Old athletes — especially boxers — love telling war stories.

It’s the way they connect with their glory days and reconcile their more docile present far removed from the bright lights and roar of the crowd. And boy, did Paz have some tales to weave.

Soon, the two-division champion will no longer have to sit around and tell people the story, because beginning Friday, they’ll be able to live it.

Miles Teller (Whiplash, The Spectacular Now) breathes life into Paz’s quixotic quest to return to…

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