College Coaches Cannot Be Contained

“My thing is, if you yell at the refs, you should get a technical,” he said.

But , he defended his intention — leading his team to victory — and actions — shouting, pacing, pushing the limits of the coach’s box.

“If we’re coaching our guys,” he said, “that’s what we’re paid to do.”

The N.C.A.A. doesn’t necessarily disagree. This is the first season of an expanded coach’s box, which is the area the head coach may patrol during play. Vigorous sideline generals received an extra 10 feet this season; they may now roam from the baseline all the way to a mark 38 feet away. That’s a midrange jump shot from midcourt, which is 47 feet from the baseline.


Villanova Coach Jay Wright looked ready to storm the court as he yelled instructions during the first half against Alabama on Saturday.

Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press

“I have had officials tell me that it was expanded for me,” Weber said.

College basketball coaches are easy subjects for ridicule. N.B.A. fans scoff at their hyperactivity and point to professional coaches’ comparatively calm…

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