No, Kevin Hart is not over the 76ers loss

Kevin Hart thought he was going to have another chance to get wasted and climb atop a podium with another Philadelphia championship.

Instead, he watched in sadness as the 76ers lost to Boston in the second round of the NBA playoffs last week.

“Still hurting,” he said late last week. “STILL HURTING. Because I know we had a real good shot. It wasn’t the series that (we hoped for) but we’re still young and the whole definition behind ‘trust the process’ is the commitment to understanding growth. And we have a lot of growth.”

For his health though, is it better that they didn’t make it? After all, how many times can one be incredibly inebriated on the podium with a championship team in a single year like he did when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?

“Nope. Not it’s not,” Hart said. “Can’t do enough. If they had won, I would have cut down the net. That’s a true story. I would have taken a piece of the net home.

Luckily, he has the Eagles’ preseason right around the corner. (Sort of.) And he’s getting ready – either to be a fan or part of the team.

“Right now I’m just getting in the gym,” he said, when asked what he was doing to get prepared. “I think I might get a call for a 10-day contract…

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