PGA Tour's oldest rookie shares how he kept his dream alive despite constant doubts

Traveling the backroads of professional golf can be a long and lonely journey.

It’s a trying passage through tours like the Golden Bear, Gateway, Adams and the, with plenty of stops at mini tours, state opens, Q schools and Monday qualifiers added to the itinerary as you chase your childhood dream. It’s a tiring trek that tests the mettle of a man as the miles, and then years, pile up. Doubts become your wingman as the holy grail that is the PGA Tour remains in the distance and the dream that is your 15th club in the bag becomes more difficult to hold on to.

For nearly two decades, however, Chris Thompson clung to hope. And last year, his voyage of 19 years landed on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Playing some of the best golf of his life, Thompson secured his PGA Tour card for the first time when he had three top-4 finishes on the Tour and finished in a tie for 24th the following week in the tour’s regular-season finale. That left him at $181,738 in earnings, good enough for 20th place and inside “The 25,” the…

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